UAA Webinar

On June 11th, we hosted a webinar with the National Acquisition Group, De Montfort University and Liverpool University where we officially launched our User Activated Acquisition purchasing model for textbooks and monographs

Webinar Recording

Feel free to share this recording internally. We are interested in getting feedback about UAA and confirming that the successes seen at DMU and Liverpool would be relevant to your library as well.

UAA Executive Summary

User Activated Acquisition is BibliU's proprietary purchasing model that allows libraries to buy eTextbooks and monographs in a more sustainable way than ever before. It is a model where you can provide access to hundreds of core textbooks and thousands of monographs whilst only paying for what actually gets used.

Market Challenges

UAA Benefits


Webinar Q&A

We had over 250 attendees on the webinar, who asked over 50 questions. For your convenience, we have gone through all of those, removed duplicates, combined similar ones and provided answers to each.


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